As a registered investment advisory firm, the cornerstone of our services is investing assets to maximize your returns so that your life goals can come true. We advise individuals, trusts, pension plans, and small business owners on the investment of their funds.

Your financial advisor will develop a customized investment policy based on your individual investment history and level of risk. Current investments will be evaluated and a portfolio will be established based on your long-term objectives, risk tolerance, retirement goals, and immediate financial needs such as debt reduction and major purchases. Asset management may be only a small part of the larger financial planning process.

Client education is of paramount concern to us. We will explain topics such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and money market funds. Portfolio choices then fall into sub categories such as large cap and small cap stocks and whether they are growth or value. We will go into as much detail as you wish, and then choose appropriate investment vehicles for your portfolio.

The custodians we use for holding your investments are Charles Schwab and/or TD Ameritrade. Our accounts at Schwab or TDA are institutional accounts not the retail accounts you can open without an advisor. Institutional accounts have access to lower expense ratio share classes & we have the ability to buy stocks or bonds from outside brokers if the cheapest price or inventory is not available at Schwab or TD Ameritrade.  We do not receive commissions for investments we recommended. You will receive a monthly statement from Charles Schwab and/or TD Ameritrade, and a quarterly statement from Asset Planning, Inc.

Your financial advisor will monitor your portfolio and re-balance the investments as necessary to meet the initial objectives and investment policy. Periodically, you can meet with an advisor to review your portfolio, investment strategy and to make sure your objectives are being met.

We are fee-only advisers. Your adviser is paid by a flat percentage fee based on the value of the investments under advisement. We are not paid commissions for managing your portfolio. Our only source of compensation is from our clients directly. The Investment Management fee is 1% of the portfolio & can decline as the assets reach breakpoints. Contact us for a copy of our contracts with more details on our portfolio account minimums and breakpoints. 

Establishing and maintaining a relationship with each of our clients is a critical part of our business. The professionals at Asset Planning, Inc. are concerned with your financial success, and will work with you to reach your goals. All of our Financial Advisors act in the fiduciary capacity, meaning they are require by law to make investment recommendations based solely on the client's best interest. Click here to read about the Fiduciary Standard and how fee-only registered investment advisors differ from commissioned broker dealer advisors.