Common reasons clients seek out our expertise:

  • Second opinion of current investments
  • Retirement planning & projections
  • Pension lump sum vs. annuity analysis
  • Selection of 401K/403b Plan Choices
  • Determine insurance needs
  • Analysis on when to take Social Security
  • Tax strategies for retirement withdrawals
  • Post-divorce planning
  • Planning after a death of a loved one
  • Education funding for children or grandchildren
  • Family wealth transfer planning

Financial Planning is either comprehensive or modular. Comprehensive planning focuses on all areas of a client's financial situation and develops a course of action to help them achieve their personal goals. Modular planning is focusing on a specific area(s).

The financial planning process begins with a discovery phase. You will be given questionnaires & a list of documents to gather for the initial meeting. The first meeting is intended to review data about your income and expenses, taxes, insurance coverage, retirement plans, trusts, investments and other information pertinent to your overall financial situation. We will discuss your goals, objectives, set the scope of the planning engagement.

After the initial meeting, we will analyze your existing situation, and formulate your plan. We will then schedule a follow-up meeting to present our findings & recommendations. We will compare your current situation to the recommendations to illustrate how you will be better positioned to meet your objectives and goals.

We are fee-only and therefor do not sell any products. We are available to you, upon request, to assist in implementing our recommendations in the areas of insurance, estate planning and investments. In addition, annual reviews are suggested to make sure the plan is meeting your objectives and to answer current questions.

Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, Erin Nelsen or Carol Somoano conduct financial planning.